Stoneware Pottery: The Popular Choice

by: Amy Metz

As pottery goes, stoneware is differentiated as a type of pottery that is made from siliceous paste and fired in a kiln at very high temperatures. This process makes the body of stoneware pottery glassy. Stoneware is denser than porcelain. Stoneware also differs from porous-bodied types of pottery such as terra cotta simply because it is not porous. Stoneware is not absorbent in any fashion.
Styles of stoneware vary greatly, as would anything that has such a greatly varied origin. In Canada you can find highly collectible and unique stoneware designs on ginger beer containers. Bennington, Vermont stoneware pottery is quick to say you will find “no two alike.” And as every piece of stoneware is reported to have its own personality, stoneware pottery produced in and around Bushnell, South Dakota is masterfully crafted and lovingly decorated with scenes indicative to the landscapes of that area.

With diversity such as this, it’s no wonder stoneware remains a highly sought after collectible and usable item. Hand crafted European stoneware pottery - such as Italian Sambuco - is always fun to buy and to collect. Modern day retailers such as Target and Crate and Barrel have a great selection of stoneware pottery products certain to please even the most particular customer.

The history of stoneware is long and filled with marvel. Dating back to at least 7000 B.C., pottery production was occurring in Iran and Syria. History is told through the artifacts that are discovered from every imaginable time and place. Stoneware pottery has been produced in China for countless years and was the precursor to Chinese porcelain.

England has had its fair shake at producing rare individual items as well as mass-producing stoneware pottery for both practical home and decorative purposes. The Americas are relatively new at the stoneware pottery concept but make up for lack of history with the extra efforts at imagination.  

Stoneware pottery has always been a tremendous part of trend setting. With so many styles and patterns and items to choose from, it is no wonder every one has at least one particular stoneware pottery pattern that strikes his or her fancy. Collectible cookie jars and soup bowls from a variety of stoneware manufacturers have led buyers to follow trends.

When you are searching for just the right stoneware pottery for a special gift, or event look no further than your favorite retail store. Specialty shops and online shopping is another way to find great stoneware at reasonable prices. Buying stoneware can not be made more simple than if you were to order direct from the manufacturer, which is also an option in some cases.

One of the more sought after and highly collectible types of stoneware pottery comes from Poland. Just handmade Boleslawiec pottery alone has several websites from which to choose. Once you establish the most user-friendly site for you, browsing ordering and enjoying your beautiful stoneware is merely days away. As well as high quality one of a kind stoneware pottery, your search for the perfect set of dishes may take you to the J.C. Penney website where you will find a set of gorgeous Johnson Brothers Blue Willow pattern stoneware for an endearing price of less than eighty dollars.

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