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by Johann Erickson

Pottery is a creative masterpiece that stands alone in the artistic world. Whether it was molded by your first grader with his own two hands for a school project or was designed by famous potter in Italy, it will be cherished and shine as the work of art it really is. Pottery has been around for centuries and has been used by many cultures for an array of items, from cooking utensils to adorning the home. Today, many people are beginning to appreciate the unique design and exquisite craftsmanship that is found in Italian pottery especially Majolica.

Majolica pottery when defined does not express the magnitude of its beauty. The definition is plainly stated as earthenware with a white, tin-opacified, viscous glaze, decorated by applying colorants on the raw glazed surface. The elasticity of the glaze holds back the flow as the glaze melts, which will give the pottery a glossy surface that will hold the line quality of the decoration on the surface.

Others refer to this unique and radiant potter as tin-glazed. This wonderful pottery and the way it came to be dates back to the 9th century in Baghdad. From that time forward, Majolica pottery has had its ups and downs. But, throughout history it has held a special honor among many that saw this pottery as a work of art. Each piece has not only been glazed in a unique way, but also has a personality of days gone by.

Today, you can purchase Majolica pottery that is created in much the same way as it was during the Renaissance years in Italy and France. This is when the true Majolica pottery was born. Many Italian ceramists and artists began to use this unique type of pottery and glazing to create their wonderful masterpieces. Pottery was transformed from being useful household items into some of the most beautiful items of art.

Even today, a potter molds each piece by hand forming, hand turning on a wheel, or slip-molding. Then the design that the potter desires is etched or molded by hand into the clay. After, the piece is complete; it is allowed to dry naturally before firing the first time. Now, comes the glazing, the item is dipped into a fast drying liquid glaze. Then the artist, do their magic and turn this earthenware into a work of art. It is fired once more before the masterpiece is complete.

So, if you want to invest in a beautiful piece of artwork that will enhance any room in your home you should look at all the options you have when you purchase Majolica pottery. You will find an array of Majolica pottery from wall hangings, vases, urns, plates, and other unique pieces to adorn your home with stunning art.

You may use these wonderful pieces of artwork to adorn your dinner table and every one of your guests will wonder where you found such unique plates to serve for fabulous meal. Just remember that Majolica pottery is softer than china and can not be used in the oven or microwave. You can clean your Majolica pottery in a dishwasher but I would not personally do so. They can chip if they hit one another and then your precious artwork would be lost.

Majolica pottery is one of those treasured items that your daughter just hopes will be placed in her hope chest or that she will one day serve her family your recipes. Your wonderful dinnerware now has become a family heirloom that will be cherished for many years to come. So, not only is this pottery useable, but will have long lasting memories for guests and family members that enjoyed many meals together at your table and during special occasions.

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