Superficial Reasons Why People Start And End Relationships

There are many superficial reasons why people will start and end a relationship with people. In this article we will discuss some of the superficial reasons why people begin and end relationships. Loss of hair, there are many men who will become bald plated as they age. Some women will find this as a turnoff and they may end the relationship because their partner has lost some hair since they started dating. There are many men and women who will not consider dating someone who is overweight. If this person is in a serious relationship with someone who gained some extra weight after they started dating.

They may end the relationship because they no longer find their partner attractive. Loss of assets, there are people who will fall in love with someone just because they are wealthy. If the wealthy person losses all of their assets their partner may no longer be interested in them because they have lost their assets. There are women who will fall in love with a man just because he gives them expensive gifts. However, if the man stops buying the expensive gifts which drew the woman to him, the woman may lose interest when she realizes that she will no longer be getting the expensive gifts she got in the past. Many relationships are started by two people who are physically attracted to each other.

However, you should not start a relationship that is only based on physical attraction. Many people will date someone just because they are physically attracted to them. If the attractive person gets into an accident and gets a huge scar on their face or loses most of their teeth, their partner will probably end the relationship because they will not longer find their partner attractive.

Dating a professional bodybuilder, many women are attracted to professional bodybuilders because they like the muscular physique. When the bodybuilder retires from bodybuilding he will no longer have that muscular physique which attracted his partner to him. There are some superficial women who will end the relationship because their partner no longer has that muscular physique. When you are getting into a serious relationship you should make sure that you are getting into the relationship because you are truly in love with your partner and vice versa. There are many people who will fall in love with their partner for the wrong reasons. These types of relationships usually do not withstand the test of time and they will leave both partners with some feelings of resentment towards each other.

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