Blackjack Doubling Down

In the blackjack game there is one favorable situation arises for the player when he got the opportunity to double down. When the player doubles down, he is allowed to double his bet after reviving his first two cards. After this the player is allowed to receive only one card on his hand. The players' are allowed doubling down on any two cards in many casinos. There are some casinos where the doubling is limited to hands with a total of ten or eleven.

There is also a favorable situation when the casino gives you double after splitting. This affects the house edge in many ways. In a shoe game when the player plays with eight games and can double on anything, the basic house edge remains little more than half of one percent.

The house edge may be increased or decreased depending on the other rules related to doubling. The house edge reduces to .13% to -0.

42% when you double after splitting. When you double on 10 and 11 the house edge increases to 0.76 from .21. It is easy to determine when to use the double down utilizing the basic strategy that is based on the mathematics of the game. Doubling down is in favor of the player as this usually done when the player has best opportunity to beat the dealer.

In such situation the dealer is at their weakest. Possibility is there that the dealer could show up his card which could bust them. For the dealer the worst cards are 2-6 as these cards bust them more times when showed. For the player these cards present success to double down.

Also there are situation when the player could double down with a ten when the dealer has nine and same with an eleven against the dealers ten. However, novice players hesitate for close calls. Although it is not always possible to win against the dealer use of correct strategy would do the trick. In long run the opportunity to win more by doubling is increases than losing. Many times players hesitate to double down fearing that they could lose a double bet.

If that's the case then you should not play in the tables with stakes higher than your limitations. In many casinos players are allowed double down less than their original bet provided it meet the table minimum of the casino. But you should not do this unless there is favorable situation for you.'s Casino-on-Net: The No. 1 online casino in the world Discover first-class online casino gaming at with more bonus giveaways, promotions, and events than at any other casino online.

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