Obtaining Information about Dollhouses before Buying

Children who love to use imagination and creativity in their play will be delighted to accept a dollhouse. A dollhouse allows children to create productive role play with any dimension of dollhouse. Younger children develop hand-eye coordination playing with smaller dollhouses, and older children build their artistic skill in building and decorating larger ones. Of course, girls will love the selection of bright, dainty, magical, or realistic dollhouses. There even exists classic barns, rugged mountain cabins, battle-ready castles, and more for boys to play with. Dollhouses can be played with immediately, or can be constructed with kits for an unforgettable family experience.

Most people believe that a dollhouse is more of a store-bought item, entirely constructed and needing only furniture or dolls to be played with. Indeed, many of those dollhouses exist and the selection spans the range of size, style, and age group. Some examples would be wooden houses, which can be painted and decorated, or ones that are meant to be easy and plain. There are also pre-made dollhouses with fiber board walls, which typically have their walls and floors already decorated. Some of the wood dollhouses will involve some simple assembly or finishing.

This generally involves only attaching window shutters, trim, or other accessories. Furnishing these wood houses can be fun, because creativity can be used to create the pieces. Many craft stores sell wood parts to decorate or build furniture and accessories.

Many times, you can use a found item in a clever way to furnish your doll house. For example, a clean plastic support from a take-out pizza box as a round dollhouse table. To further explore your creativity and take it to a "miniature" level, enjoy completing one of our dollhouse kits. The dollhouse kits available at span the range of complexity, from constructing a dollhouse in under two hours, to kits that take much longer.

Simple kits have large wall pieces that connect into larger base pieces and are often made of plastic that is colored to look life-like. Quite often, these kits can be built relatively quickly and include pre-fabricated furniture. There are kits that need painting as well as the addition of more detailed items. Those items include roof shingles, railings, window shutters and plant boxes, and moldings.

The skill level desirable to build this type of dollhouse is an advanced beginner to intermediate. For those unfamiliar, advanced dollhouse kits allow you to build and finish a fantastic dollhouse that certainly becomes a family heirloom. Dollhouse kits are fun in two different ways.

First, building them is a project that parents and kids can work together to complete. It certainly allows to spend time as a family. It also builds confidence and skill in a child when they assist in constructing something so special to them. How can you tell the differences between items before you buy? The main differences are the look and the cost. Ready-to-play dollhouses will usually be under $80, and look to be more toy-like. They will also be colored to attract a certain age group.

Younger kids will enjoy brighter colors, and older kids will enjoy a more earthy or realistic color of the dollhouse. The more real a dollhouse look, the more advanced the skill to complete it. A medium-to-advanced dollhouse kit will price around $200 to$300. Again, dollhouses at this level require some application of parts, painting, and other simple finishing. Expect around 10 to 20 hours to completely finish dollhouse kits like this.

A large and extremely realistic dollhouse means the kit is for the true dollhouse enthusiast. These can be fairly expensive, ranging from $500 to $1,000 depending on the size. Expect many hours to build and complete. But also expect to care for a family heirloom your child will treasure.

Browse a large selection of dollhouses at You will be able to view the style of dollhouse that fits your needs.

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