Free and Effective Help in Tough Fundraising Times

Americans gave a record $311 billion to nonprofit causes in 2007. Fundraising is the lifeblood of schools and nonprofits nationwide, which according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics has increased in number a total of 36.2% in the past ten years. But the future growth does not appear to be quite as promising. Fundraisers should prepare now for inevitable change and possible adversity.

With today's budgetary and time constraints, where can fundraisers turn for help to make navigation through days such as these more positive and sure? The present economic downturn, accompanied by higher gas and food prices, will affect almost every nonprofit's ability to raise funds. With SchoolHeart's value-laden hCard® program found at www.thehcard.

com, your supporters can save hundreds of dollars, even while they help you! The internet also poses new challenges, as well as untapped potential. That is where SchoolHeart's innovative, patent-pending program starts and works for you. Getting started is easy. No need to hire a professional or put added strain on volunteers, because help is available for free.

The SchoolHeart® fundraising program provides a hands-on Account Supervisor to anchor the entire effort, answer questions, motivate people, and increase that much-needed revenue, and all for free! The Account Supervisor also helps tie the school or nonprofit to the community long-term. Businesses love the program, as they are given effective, inexpensive and even free advertising directed at those who live and shop in their area. It gets better! SchoolHeart® provides real fundraising value! Most people relish doing something meaningful, and often, money follows the heart. Traditionally, this arena was reserved for the wealthy few. No one ever got much in return. But now, SchoolHeart® has developed an easy and effective program with real fundraising value, whereby every level of giving is rewarded with equal or better value! Account progress can be viewed via a password protected back office in real-time.

Marvin Yakos, Vice-President, SchoolHeart, Inc. Contact SchoolHeart® today and start on the way to a smart, easy and effective long-term fundraising solution. Email and tell us you would like to know more about our program. A SchoolHeart Account Supervisor will contact you.

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